DVD/Blu-ray Releases — 5/15/2012

New options for your home viewing this week:

Just before the man vs. nature conflict begins in earnest, there’s a scene in The Grey that sets a tone of inevitability.  In it, Ottway (Liam Neeson), the survivalist with a mysterious past, helps guide a man through the process of dying after a plane crash.  It’s a bold, blunt scene and also an intensely intimate one.  The story, which follows a group of generic types in the frozen wilderness as they are picked off one by one by wolves, is obvious, but director Joe Carnahan creates an atmosphere of mortal dread that pervades the entire film.  My review is here.  Available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Here is a neat little film.  It uses two gimmicks: Characters with superpowers and the structure of “found footage.”  What’s neat about Chronicle is that it doesn’t need either; the gimmicks only serve to underscore the story of a teenager named Andrew (Dane DeHaan) whose life is falling apart around him.  He and his only two friends (Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan) wander into a curious hole in the ground, discover a strange object, and gain the ability to manipulate things with their minds from it.  This is a film that arranges a unique whole from familiar parts.  My review is here.  Available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Which came first: the website or the movie?  There’s only one reason for The Devil Inside to exist, and it’s to lead audience members to a website.  There’s only one reason for that website to exist, and it’s to lead people to the movie.  Let that settle for a minute.  My review is here.  Available on DVD.


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