DVD/Blu-ray Releases — 10/25/2011

 New options for your home viewing this week:

Aliens invade the bad part of London, and it’s up to a group of young hooligans to save their home turf.  Ignore two things you may have heard about Attack the Block: 1.) The complaints from some about the thick dialects of the characters (It raised the question of whether the film should be released in the US with subtitles; fortunately, it was not (Subtitles are available thanks to home-video technology if your ear doesn’t grow attuned)); and 2.) the glowing reception.  Don’t get me wrong here.  It’s a solid comedy with some unique aliens (finally), and the sense of community that eventually develops gives it some unexpected heart.  Available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Short but sweet, Winnie the Pooh reunites us with the denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood as they get into another adventure.  Christopher Robin (voice of Jack Boulter) is missing, and Pooh (voice of Jim Cummings) and thre gang believe a mysterious creature is to blame for this and all the rest of life’s woes.  Bright, cheerful, and succinct, this is exactly what we expect from these characters.  My review is here.  Available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Like so many superhero movies before it, Captain America: The First Avenger is divided into two distinct sections.  The first, the origin story, is the more successful one, following how a scrawny kid from Brooklyn named Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) sees his determination to join the Army and fight the Nazis rewarded by being injected with an experimental gene therapy and becoming the brawny, shield-throwing Captain America.  Once he does start battling a bad guy with plans for world domination, it’s just another formula superhero adventure with a hero that doesn’t stand apart.  My review is here.  Available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D.


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Film critic since 2001. Writer/editor/publisher of Mark Reviews Movies, and contributor for RogerEbert.com and Magill's Cinema Annual. Member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Online Film Critics Society.
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